Storm Damage

Get the compensation your deserve for storm damage.


Every year massive storms sweep across the county causing serious, but sometimes hidden, storm damage to ones property. (Use this storm damage inspection guide to help you check for damages to your roof).  Hail and wind damage if undetected can cause longterm problems to a building that once it is noticed the damage may be to serious to reverse. Hail damage to a roof, for example, immediately cuts the life a roof in half.


Often times, during an intense hail or wind storm contractors will swarm areas going door to door claiming to “represent” you when filing a claim with your insurance company.

Do not fall prey to an inept contractor who is illegally trying to act as a Public Adjuster throughout the insurance claims process.


If your home or business has been hit by a major storm, do not hesitate to call Fiber Consultants, LLC for a free no obligation inspection. Our highly trained Public Adjusters will analyze the damage and help you make an educated decision on what needs to be done.