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Fiber Consultants, LLC is a Virginia licensed, bonded, and insured Public Adjusting firm that advocates for exactly that: the public. As a public adjuster, we represent the policyholder and work to ensure their best interests are met when dealing with all types of property insurance claims, including:

Fire Damage

Fire can severely damage your house; but, the fire itself is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to damage. Smoke and water from putting the fire out can also have long lasting effects that can lead to serious problems.

Water Damage

Water damage to any home or business can be extremely destructive, expensive, and always unexpected. Frequently throughout the year, different accidental water discharges appear the most, depending on the season.

Storm Damage

Storms can cause serious, but sometimes hidden, damage to your property. Hail and wind damage can cause long-term problems to a building that (if undetected) may be to serious to reverse.

Lawrence Urgo Public Adjuster and Owner Fiber Consultants

Everyday thousands of people file claims for property damage. And everyday thousands of people are taken advantage of by their insurance company.

At Fiber Consultants, we help you get what you deserve.

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I Recommend Them To Anyone

The public adjuster at Fiber Consultants, LLC was exceptional! The entire process was completely handled and ran very smoothly from beginning to end....Fiber Consultants, LLC made certain that he Railway Mail Service Library was fully compensated for everything I was owed from the hail storm loss that occurred last May, all while removing stress, uncertainty, and concern that usually occurs when filing an insurance claim! I recommend Fiber Consultants, LLC to anyone who has suffered property damage and is considering filing an insurance claim!"  Frank ScheerFrank Scheer

Thank You, Fiber Consultants!!

“Mr. Urgo of Fiber Consultants was instrumental in helping me to get a roof replacement on my home. Without his expertise, I am positive that it would not have happened....Now, I have a new roof, rust-free, and no longer have to suffer through water leaks soaking through my upstairs bedroom ceiling. In the end, my only expense for the actual roof replacement was that of $250, my homeowner's insurance "deductible." Thank you, Fiber Consultants, LLC!”  Judy F.


Outstanding Job

“Fiber Consultants did an outstanding job working with our insurance agency and getting our roof replaced. Larry made the process a smooth one.” Cody Toy